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Exclusive U.S. Distributor of the EntroSys BikeAir motorcycle Rider climate control system

How it works

Patented solid-state high-performance thermoelectric air-conditioning system provides ventilation, cooled, or heated air to a 3-D air-mesh vest worn under the riders jacket.  More...


EntroSys BikeAir​ 

Now you can get the ultimate motorcycle accessory so you can enjoy your limited riding time regardless of the weather!  BikeAir provides a personal air conditioning system for motorcyclists creating a comfortable microclimate from 25° to 105°F.

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GIZMAG Review:  "At US$1,500 the EntroSys BikeAir Motorcycle A/C system is quite an outlay, but there are a lot of reasons to justify parting with that much cash" More...

MSTA STAReview test:   "you will have the ultimate freedom of choice to ride in whatever temperature you want for as long as you want." More...

April 2015 - Feedback on one year with BikeAir:
"I've had my BikeAir for just about a year now, and I use it almost about every time I ride - and I ride a lot, about 20-30,000 miles per year."
Don Moe
Jupiter, Florida
2014 Triumph Trophy

"I love the heat"
"It works great and is more comfortable than any other heated gear I've had, and I've tried them all"
BMW Rider

"I Love It!"

Don Royal

Ridgecrest, California

Two-week summer trip to Bryce Canyon, Utah:
Just returned from a two-week summer trip to Bryce Canyon in Utah.  The heating works great, the cooling kept me comfortable; overall the system made a real difference for me.
Ron Stein
Sweetwater, Texas
2012 Harley Street Glide

Two-week summer trip - East Coast:
My run on Tuesday was 1,045 miles over 16 hours, with 6 hours over 96°F -- I was comfortable the entire time and didn’t sweat a bit.  More...